Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to Our Kitchen!

A few days ago I posted about my desire to learn how to cook. After receiving some great advice from friends and discovering several new recipes I was excited to try, I realized I had a lot I wanted to share. I could already envision myself blogging about each week's recipes and new cooking tips and techniques I had learned along the way. I also wanted to keep receiving advice from others at the same time.

So without further ado... welcome to our kitchen!! I hope this blog is a way for me to stay motivated in my pursuit of culinary expertise, and a fun place for bloggers to exchange recipes. I've already got four different meals lined up for this week, and I hope to post the success of each along the way! Tomorrow I'll be doing my grocery shopping... check back later to see what's cooking with the Kenningtons! :)

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Laura said...

I am so excited about In the Kitchen with the Kenningtons! And looking at the cooking blogs I have to say-- I LOVE bakerella--I've been checking that one out for a while! My other favorite food blog is